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Optical Fiber Coloring and Rewinding Machine


This machine is designed for coloring and rewinding the fiber. It owns auto-tracking traversing unit, pressure coating system, UV auto-adjusting power supply, precision traversing unit.

Technical Data

Line speed 3000m/min
Fiber tension 0.3-15.N
Traversing pitch 0.1-1.0mm
Reel size 25km, 50km fiber reel
Metering accuracy ≤0.1%
Additional loss ≤0.01db/km (SM. Fiber)

Machine configuration

Optical fiber pay-off  
Fiber coating system  
UV curing system  
Optical fiber take-up  
Electrical control system  
It is1800m/min coloring speed machine, it owns one set of UV furnace coloring machine,
It is2500m/min coloring speed machine, it owns two sets of UV furnace coloring machine.
It is 3000m/min multi-fiber coloring machine, it can color two fiber or more fibers at the same time, it also can print color ring on the fiber surface.
We can supply optical fiber color ring unit, for our customer.

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