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Stainless Steel Optical Fiber Loose Tube Welding Line


The line is used for producing special optical fiber stainless steel loose tube, like OPGW, submarine cables or metal sheath protected cables.

Technical data

Line speed 50m/min Fiber overlength 0.05-0.7%
Tube dia 1.2~6.0mm Take-up reel size 1250mm
Optical fiber qty 96    

Line Configuration

Optical fiber pay-off Stainless steel tape longitudinal welding machine Tension control unit
Jelly degassing and flling device Stainless steel tape forming table Dual wheel capstan
Stainless steel tape pay-off Cleaning station EFL control device
Stainless steel tape connect welding machine Tube flaw detector Take-up
Stainless steel tape accumulator 1200kg Caterpillarr Electrical control system

It is optical fiber pay-off, its tension can be controlled very stably and accurately. It is equipped with static eliminator and fiber guiding device.

We have two types of stainless steel tape pay-off,It is active pay-off type, it has tape breaking alarm system.

It is laser or argon-arc tape connecting system. The tape is positioned, cut and welded automatically with individual control system.

It is steel tape accumulator used for the longer tape welding without line stop. The tape accumulating length can reach 100m, it is equipped with an avoiding tape going side unit. The tape tension is controlled pneumatically.

It is laser welding and tape forming system, it adopts several sets of roller forming type with high speed and stable runing. The laser is from famous company. The welding head can automatically track the welding seam with video supervision for whole line process. If the welding result has any fault, it can automatically detect and give out alarm. The system is also equipped with jelly flling unit.

It is optical fiber EFL and capstan control system.The line pulling force can get through wheel capstan and caterpillar co-working. The line uses several tension rollers to get different optical fiber EFL in tube.

We can supply another kind of clamp caterpillar and wheel capstan for customer choosing, it is used for big tension pull.

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